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Rambo: Min Pin Photo Gallery

Luna: Min Pin Photo Gallery

Hi!I am from greece so forgive me for my english..Luna is a crazy min pin,she is very inteligent..But she has destroyed my house!!She loves to run,she trying to catch every bird that she sees!!She is a natural guard dog..I love her so much!!
Jax: Min Pin Photo Gallery

My name is Jax! I am currently a year old and weight 4.5 lbs. I love my mama and stay under her feet all the time. I even sleep with my mama, right in the middle of her and daddy under the covers. I love it when mama and daddy take me to the beach!! .... more >>
Hunter: Min Pin Photo Gallery

Hunter was 12 wks when we got him, our first min pin. He is now 2 1/2 yrs old. We also have 7yr mixed terrier. So you can see we have a very active life with our two terrier breds. Nina loves chasing balls and bringing them back non stop, also very .... more >>
Ava: Min Pin Photo Gallery

Ava loves to chase the squirrels (and butterflies) in the back yard. She'll race her big brother Spartan to bed at night, if she can't get around him ... she just goes under him .. problem solved :) We don't know her birthday, so we gave her one....... more >>
Daisy: Min Pin Photo Gallery

The biggest suck ever!!!! Daisy loves snuggling! Always has to be with mom or dad. Favorite spot....under the covers!!! Favorite thing to do....STEAL MY SOCKS!!!! Love her sooo much. Cant wait for our new addition, female min pin, chocolate. =)

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