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Angus & Buster: Min Pin Photo Gallery
Angus & Buster

Angus and Buster are brothers. We happened to get Angus as a little pup, and then five months later went back and got Buster. We also have Jasper our toy Manchester. Add to that Inga our German Shepherd, and we have a full house!
Anheuser: Min Pin Photo Gallery

P3's Anheuser of Chocolate Kashmir aka Anheuser He is now 14 weeks old. Here are some new pictures for everyone to enjoy!
Apollo: Min Pin Photo Gallery

This is my baby Apollo. He was a wonderful surprise and has brought love & laughter into my life again. He?s playful and energetic. I?d forgotten what it was like to have a baby in the house!
Athena: Min Pin Photo Gallery

A new addition to Zeus's Doghouse. Keep an eye out on the forums for her story.
Autumn: Min Pin Photo Gallery

Hello My name is Autumn I was born July 12th 2008...I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new cat-brother Casey I also have 5 other cat brothers and sisters but Casey brother likes ot play hide and seek with me and keep me in line when mommy is getting a rest..I love.... more >>
Autumn: Min Pin Photo Gallery

Hi there, my mom came and bailed me out of a busy LA shelter, i am soo happy. I am a lazy Min Pin, I prefer to sleep all day long, but under the covers, very important. Other than that I share my mom with 2 cats and we all get along, we play too at.... more >>

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