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Miniature Pinscher Photo Gallery Listing

Ace   (AcesMommy)
Ace looooves socks! He hides socks from his mommy and daddy and when they think they found them all, Ace is sure to find at least 5 socks in his hidden stashes...hes addicted to socks! He loves to cuddle and watch Sex and The City with his mom while his dad is working late nights and never hesistates to give you a kiss upon request. Ace loves to play outside with other miniature pinschers and loves to chase his daddy around the park.
Miniature Pinscher: Ace
Min Pin: Ace, Ace Min Pin: Ace, Min Pin: Ace,
Min Pin: Ace, Min Pin: Ace, soaking up the rays at the beach Min Pin: Ace,
Min Pin: Ace,   

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