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Miniature Pinscher Photo Gallery Listing

*Mimi*   (mimi*the*min*pin09)
Hello Everyone! Meet Mimi! She is a 3 months old and I got her when she was just 8 weeks old. She is my pride and joy. At 3 months she is a little under 2 lbs. Mimi says: I was the runt of the litter and mommy saw me sleeping in the corner all by myself and couldnt resist taking me home! Im so glad she did cuz I got the best mommy and daddy in the world!! :) I will most likely not be over 5 lbs. Thats what the vet says. Mommy doesnt want to clip my ears and Im glad because I think Im much cuter this way, dont you?
Miniature Pinscher: *Mimi*
Min Pin: *Mimi*, Min Pin: *Mimi*, hangin out in mommys office Min Pin: *Mimi*,
Min Pin: *Mimi*, I am spoiled ;) Min Pin: *Mimi*, Min Pin: *Mimi*, Im soooo Lazy
Min Pin: *Mimi*, Min Pin: *Mimi*, Min Pin: *Mimi*,

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